CONTACT US specializes in creating websites for sculptors.

1. Up to 48 images of distinct 48 sculptures.

2. Up to three additional views of each sculpture.

3. Your resume (optional).

4. An artist statement (optional).

5. A news page where you can post updates about your professional activity (optional)

6. A contact page allowing people to contact you via email.
The email system also supports creating an online email mailing
list which will allow you to send out announcements about
exhibitions and other news of interest.

7. A unique domain name of the form ''.*

8. Search engine optimization and submission of your site.

The cost for the above is $200. The annual renewal fee is $50.
There is no charge for updating the information on your website**. Your site will be available no later than 7 days after we receive
all of your material.

* we can also provide you with a web address of the form '' if it is available. There is a charge of $10-15 (to a domain registrar such as Network Solutions for doing so and
the name must be renewed annually.

** In the future we will offer our clients the ability to manage their own website from a web browser.








Take a look at an example website.

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